A funeral is a meaningful celebration of one’s life and pre-planning helps protect those that we leave behind. To make your departure a little easier for your loved ones, have a conversation for your loved ones, have a conversation about your funeral wishes now, while it can be had.


Your funeral planning options include:

  • Option One – A Pre-arranged Funeral Plan;
  • Option Two – A Fixed Price Funeral Plan;
  • Option Three – A Funeral Bond; and
  • Option Four – Funeral Insurance.

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Call Dianne on (08) 9522 1411 to help you make arrangements for your future.

Alternatively you may complete the following form and we will send you a no obligation estimate of costs.

Funeral Options & Costs

No two funerals are ever the same. These items will be discussed at the Funeral Arrangement. Your personal preferences will determine the cost of the service. Once we receive this information we can provide you with an estimate of the total cost of the funeral.

You can choose to fill out the form below, or download and print the form here




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Further Information

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Please call us on 96221411 to arrange a time to discuss your options in our office or at your home, or by phone, fax or email.

Items to bring to the Funeral Arrangement: Clothing/Makeup/Jewellery, Music, Photos/Ornaments, Deposit (50%) to cover our disbursements paid on your behalf. (Cash/Cheque/Card)


If planning your own funeral is the last thing you’d want to do, the a Funeral Bond is for you.

Simply set money aside, leaving it to accrue interest and maximise your pension entitlements.

Funeral bonds can be in joint name and paid by instalments and from as little as $25 per month.

You can stop payments if you need to and your investment will still be there when the time comes.

We can visit you in the comfort of your own home and take care of all the paperwork. So take a breath, relax and call us on 08 9622 1411.


There can be many uncertainties when discussing funeral arrangements. We have answered some more frequent questions below. If you you have any further enquires, don’t hesitate to call us to speak to one of our experienced staff members.

Grief is a natural response you experience to the loss of someone close to you. It’s a universal experience that doesn’t discriminate but one that is different from person to person. It can be challenging and sometimes experienced alone or within a family group. Whatever the circumstance there is always help available.

The pain of grief can be life changing but there is no right or wrong way to grieve. We do advocate more healthy ways to cope however, by keeping in touch with someone you feel safe to speak with, accepting help when it is offered, and understanding that triggers may continue for a long time. Realising this is part of the process and very normal is also important.

A Funeral Service is an important ritual in saying goodbye to someone we love that has died. The service itself reminds us of the person and the life they have lived within our family or community and offers a chance for those to mourn the loss.

Funerals can be religious or non religious, whatever saying goodbye to someone may look like. Services can be held in a church or wherever you feel comfortable in holding a service. This could be at the local park, your golf club, or a crematorium chapel.

No matter where the service is held, the ritual of acknowledging change occurs where the person who has died becomes a memory to those they love. It’s a safe place to be sad and express their emotions, but it also is a chance to accept help and support from those around them.

A Funeral Director can point you in the right direction of what needs to be done in the short term especially if the person has died at home. The police and ambulance may need to be called as well as the family GP. But, there may be nothing you need to do straight away.

Funeral arrangements is generally the priority but taking care of yourself is important to. An initial call to your local Funeral Director can start the process and remove the worry of making decisions straight away, which can give you some time to absorb the news and the reality that someone you love has died. Seeking help from family and friends is also a help to get through the many tasks ahead over the coming days.

A Funeral Director can ease the burden of some of the tasks required. Your loved one may have left instructions as to their wishes. It may be in the form of a Will or even a Pre Paid Funeral Arrangement. This is always a gift if that has taken place, it gives a sense of direction when everything seems a burden and making decisions becomes difficult.

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