You can call us all hours, 7 days on 08 9622 1411. If someone has died at home it's best to call the ambulance, police or your doctor first.
The Funeral Arrangement

A funeral director will ask for personal preferences and details listed in the following forms. If possible, please complete and email prior to meeting with us, or bring the information with you to the funeral arrangement.

Funeral Options & Costs

No two funerals are ever the same. These items will be discussed at the Funeral Arrangement. Your personal preferences will determine the cost of the service. Once we receive this information we can provide you with an estimate of the total cost of the funeral.

You can choose to fill out the form below, or download and print the form here




(Normally 6)

Further Information

Chapel Music

Cemetery Music

Medallions/Symbols/Photo/RSL/Masonic etc.
Please include number needed.
40 Photos / 1 Song
If Yes, include number.

Please call us on 96221411 to arrange a time to discuss your options in our office or at your home, or by phone, fax or email.

Items to bring to the Funeral Arrangement: Clothing/Makeup/Jewellery, Music, Photos/Ornaments, Deposit (50%) to cover our disbursements paid on your behalf. (Cash/Cheque/Card)

Personal Details Form

You can choose to fill out the form below, or download and print the form here

Deceased Details


Details of all children (incl. Deceased & Still Born) in order of birth:

We will arrange a funeral in any town, city, state or country. Just ask and we will organise it.